Which Types of Companies Can Be Established?

In Turkey, anonymous and company types in the institutional structure as may be established as a limited company, sole proprietorship company in non-institutional structures, such as ordinary companies can be established. Although individual companies are advantageous because they are easy to set up, do not have capital, and have low accounting costs, limited and joint stock companies are preferred in practice. In the establishment, first of all, the title of the company, the center, who the manager / representative will be, the capital and shares should be determined. Subsequently, the notarized company documents (such as the articles of association) must be registered in the central registry system and the relevant documents must be submitted to the trade registry directorate. The documents held outside of Turkey received apostille commentary, it must be approved by the consulates or notaries. For non-Turkish company partners, a potential tax number must be obtained from the relevant tax authority. Apart from these, ¼ of the main capital of the company and the share of the competition institution must be invested in the bank. The Company will acquire legal personality after the registration by the trade registry directorate. Subsequently, transactions such as arranging signature circulars to the manager or representative, approval of the books, and obtaining tax plates will be carried out. It may also be necessary to obtain work permits for foreign partners. Foreign companies may operate in establishing branches and representative offices in Turkey. Branches, whose purpose and duration can be established with the parent company, do not have capital obligation in the establishment of the branches, but they are required to register with the Trade Registry Office just like the companies. If the bureau can be installed directly on to the market research and feasibility study in Turkey it is not allowed to engage in commercial activities, such as, for institutions must obtain permission from the Ministry of Economy. It should be noted that foreigners have the opportunity to operate through acquiring ready-made companies in order to avoid the establishment of the company and to operate as soon as possible, albeit at risk.

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