What kind of companies can foreign investors establish?

Foreign investors are anonymous in Turkey, and has the possibility of setting up limited liability company name. Unincorporated company as a non-institutional structure of individual companies because it enables easy installation and low cost Although a number of advantages, even if foreign investment in Turkey is the most preferred type of limited liability and joint stock companies. When establishing a company, the title, headquarters, manager and capital structure of the company should be determined. Subsequently, the notarized company documents must be recorded in the central registry system and applied to the trade registry directorate. In documents prepared outside Turkey it must be approved by a notary or consulate. In addition, a potential tax number should be obtained for non-Turkish company partners. However, foreign companies may open branch or liaison office in Turkey. These branches do not have any capital obligation at the establishment stage, but this branch also has to register with the trade registry directorate. Finally, it is worth noting that foreign investors prefer to take over ready-made companies in order not to engage in such business.

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