Ready To Buy Company in Turkey

which it is ready to establish a company in Turkey and does not want to lose time with the company registration process foreign entrepreneurs prefer to buy a ready-made company. Ready to buy a company, but there is an alternative option for foreign investors in many countries, laws in Turkey is slightly different. For a company to exist, it must have an economic activity. Therefore, the company, which has been inactive for years, loses its character.
Ready-made companies are generally preferred by investors who are in a hurry to start their business and need a strong firm in the market. According to Turkish Companies Act, a company director, company, and then edit the articles of association must come to Turkey to prove that the company is commercially active in the local tax office.
In recent years, many foreign investors are interested in the company because of the positive economic environment in Turkey. Some prefer to buy a ready-made company, which means they will have to go through a share transfer procedure for a previously registered firm.
Ready-made company acquisition procedure
This procedure is easier and takes less than the start of a new company. A legal person or a natural person may purchase a ready-made company by presenting the registration license of the company that will buy the Turkish company or the passport of the person who has signed the acceptance agreement before the notary public.
New shareholders may make changes after taking over the company upon notice from the Trade Registry Turkey. The new board of directors, company management and address will also be registered in the Trade Registry. The new shareholder may make changes to the bank representatives or other activities of the company.
Before purchasing the ready-made company, a thorough investigation of the company’s history, debts and past legal obligations should be carried out.
The main advantage of acquiring a ready-made company is that it can be used to sign an important contract or close an urgent agreement. You can change the name of the ready company.
Companies located in Turkey are ready, you can conduct business with a registered address and KDV since they have the numbers for the purchase of the first day. This advantage prevents investors from spending too much time in tax authorities. It is also suitable for people who want to be involved in the deep-rooted history of a foreign company and thus aim to develop relationships with business partners and customers and attract other customers or potential partners.
Buy ready-making procedures of the company at any point if you need help or if you want to establish a company in Turkey, you will be able to offer more information you can contact us and processes to ensure the passage easier.

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