Establishing a Business in Turkey

Turkey’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Law is based on the principle of equal treatment makes it possible to have the same rights and obligations as local investors and international investors.

The conditions for establishing and transferring shares are the same as those applied to local investors. Accordingly, international investors can establish all types of companies specified in the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC). TCC; It meets international standards, encourages private equity and IPO activities, providing transparency in government operations and business environment which makes Turkey’s compliance with EU legislation and EU accession process offers an approach to corporate governance.

Turkey has been based on the ease of doing business with reforms to improve the investment climate and thus removed realized bureaucracy experienced in company establishment procedures and costs are minimized. In this respect, the company’s organizations are now realized only in the Trade Registry Directorates operating in the Chambers of Commerce and designed as a “one stop office ve and can be completed on the same day.

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